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Our Profile 

Thrissur District Yoga Association was started by a group of Yoga lovers during 1985. Later on Yoga Association was registered as Thrissur District Yoga Promoters and Researchers Association. We are propagating our ancient culture in a simple and scientific way to the common people without losing it’s traditional values. We are dedicated to create a healthy society through Yoga which is the way of life. All systems of medicine are now largely utilizing Yogic Science, as a part of their treatment for a faster recovery which is considered as the Holistic as well as Preventive Medicine.

 The eminent personalities like Dr PS Sangameswaran, Dr CD Joseph, Mr Kalyanamoorthy, Mr Abdhul Majeed, Dr KK Rahulan, Dr Krishnamoorthy, Dr Thulasibai, Dr PU Asokan, Mr KS Unni, Mr TT James, Dr MA Ravindran were with us during our Journey for propagating Yoga. Our Present Office bearers are Shri TS Balaraman - President, Shri Gopinath Edakkunny - Course Director, Mr Balakrishnan Pallath – General Secretary and Mr KK Chandran – Treasurer.