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Suryanamaskar or Sun salutation is one of the most powerful exercise routine discovered by ancient seers of subcontinent.  Without solar energy, all the plant and animal including human life of our planet will perish. Suryanamaskar involves not only acknowledging and paying respects to Sun’s energy but also fine tuning our systems to absorb it from cosmos. Though not part of original yogic system, it has all the elements of yoga which make it a unique and a holistic exercise. 

Thrissur District Yoga (P&R) Association is proudly conducting its annual Suryanamaskar  Training & Practice Workshop- “Suryotsav 2020” as a part of its humble endeavour to popularise yoga among common man. Join us for this unique experience at 6 am this Sunday 19 Jan at East Gopuranada of Vadakkunnathan Temple Ground. Program is completely free of cost and is highly suited for beginners of all ages above 10 years as well as advanced yoga students. Please ensure to bring your own bed-sheet or yoga mat for the same. For any queries please call +91- 9495885248 or visit us!

Advanced Certificate Course

Yoga Advanced Certificate Course (including Teachers Training) is a 6 months-Saturday-only course. New batch is scheduled to begin on 7th March 2020. Those who have completed Basic Course in Yoga are eligible to participate in this program. Interested candidates are expected to register at Association office as soon as possible. This is a mixed class conducted from 6 am to 8 am

Free Yoga Classes For All Age Groups In Connection With WORLD YOGA DAY--2021

FreeYoga Classes


                    For Students (12years to 18 years--Timing -- 10am to 11am --Sundays (June 6th, 13th and 20th)

                     For  Youths (18years to 35years)---Timing -- 7pm to 8pm--June 7th (Monday), 8th (Tuesday) and 9th (Wednesday) 

                     For  Ldies & Gents  (35years to 60years) -- 7pm to 8pm---June 11th (Friday), 12th (Saturday) and13th (Sunday)

                      For Senior citizens (Above 60years) -- 6.30am to 7.30am--June 15th (Tuesday), 16th (Wednesday) and 17th (Thursday)

Online Yoga Practice Classes And New Yoga Basic Classes

We are starting New Online yoga practice sessions for Ladies and Gents (especially for those who  have completed Basic yoga classes)

                                        Starting Basic yoga classes on 14th June 2021, evening 6.30 to 7.30. 

Basic class gives importance to Meditation, Pranayama(Breathing exercise), Relaxation technique.