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Beginners Yoga Class (Yoga Parichai)

Yoga beginners class (Mixed class) starts on 14th December 2020 at our Yoga Hall. Class timing is from morning 8.00 to 9.00  and in the evening 6.30 to 7.30 and also, Ladies only batch from Morning 10 to 11.   It includes pranayama, meditation, mental and physical relaxation, body trimming excercises, basic asanas as well as surya namaskar. Duration of the course is 2 months. Simple, systematic and scientific way of teaching. Including Theory of yoga and practical session.

Yoga Picnic

International Yoga Day June 21, 2020 | ONE HOUR YOGA PRACTICE


This is an integrated programme which includes various components aimed at holistic self development and transformation of the individual to greater levels of knowledge and awareness. The advanced Asana programme includes 36 different postures and associated exercises from basic levels to intermediate and beyond. Step by step and systematic learning process with demonstration and personal attention are at the heart of this programme. Shadkarma kriyas include a set of six cleansing techniques and are inevitable for enhancing resistance to diseases and internal purification. Pranayama are advanced breathing techniques which must be learned directly from the Master to achieve perfection and to overcome all obstacles in the process. Chakra and Kundalini meditations are taught and practiced with their scope and intensity progressively jacking up during the course of the programme. Programme includes yoga nidra or advanced relaxation techniques which ensures deep relaxation ad rejuvenation of body-mind complex. Series of lectures, paper presentations, workshops and outdoor sessions are also part of this programme. Both theoretical and practical elements of pedagogy are also included in this certificate programme as part of teachers-training module as well. Course begins with one month free training followed by selection of candidates for the same. Programme is conducted on all Saturdays 6am to 8 am at our yoga hall for a period of 6 to 8 months. New Batch will start on 7th March 2020

Yoga Seminars

Yoga seminars involve detailed discussion on a particular topic and its relevance in the context of yogasastra.They are usually conducted in connection with International Yoga Day celebrations which falls on June 21st every year. Expert(s) from a various fields such as health, culture, science, social service etc. will be leading the discussions. Seminars are a unique way of rediscovering interlinkages between various branches of knowledge with focus on yoga while disseminating knowledge among participants and beyond. All yoga enthusiasts will be expected to actively participate in the event making it a uniquely productive excersise. Talks include power point presentations, experience- sharing, question-answer sessions, paper presentations, constructive debates, etc. 


 Want to revitalise your body and mind? Come and participate in yoga workshops conducted by us under expert guidance. Beginning early in morning, workshops include yoga practice, yogic breakfast and enlightening lecture sessions. If you are someone who has been practicing yoga for a while, or who wants to re-start the practice or is interested to take up the challenge of basic postures, we suggest you to enrol in this programme. Yoga practice includes basic postures, meditation, breathing exercises, surya namaskar and yoga nidra (deep relaxation) with live demonstration by expert practioners. If you are worried about making mistakes or doubt your ability to follow the instructions, accredited yoga teachers of our association will be at your service all throughout the workshop. Fresh, nutritious and energetic yogic diet will be served after yogasana practice after which an hour long lecture session will take place. Lectures are related to yogic and will have Q&A sessions towards the end of session, where ideas will be exchanged and doubts will be cleared. We welcome you if you wish to explore the basic tenets of yogasana practice and yogic way of living through this wholesome workshop. The workshop will conclude before mid-noon and all that is left will be happy minds and healthy hearts.  Click here to Watch the video

Yoga Classes For Camps And Corporate Training Programmes

Yoga Therapy For Psychosomatic Diseases (Individual)

Yoga Teachers Training Programme